The system is the crisis!

Our society is tumbling from crisis to crisis. But instead of reacting properly to these crises, the governing powers refuse real progress and stick to the previous system of exploitation. Yet it is precisely this capitalist system that is causing the global economic, ecological and social crises!

In the case of the climate crisis two systems are confronting each other, which decide how our future will look like: The ruling economic system, based on profit maximization and continuous growth. And the system Earth, on whose finite resources and intact ecosystems humanity depends. Both systems are not compatible with each other.
A crisis management, which is based on keeping the capitalist system running and ignoring any scientific knowledge, is destined to fail.

The crisis has system!

The plan of the governing powers to solve the current “energy crisis” with imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) stands in the tradition of a fossil and neocolonial “business as usal”. The devastating effects of fueling the climate crisis are being accepted, as is the suffering of the people directly affected by gas extraction. While liquefied gas is fracked in the Global South and livelihoods are destroyed, it is used in the Global North to keep the accumulation of capital going. The system depends on this “keep it up no matter the price”. And this is exactly what we have to stop.
In other words: If we intervene in this continuously destructive process, it is possible to imagine a different world. Instead of outsourcing crises to “other” spaces and times, System Change is realizable. We all know that real, radical social change is needed.

Come to Hamburg from 9-15.8 for the “System Change Camp & Action Days”.

The city of Hamburg is now also hoping to profit handsomely from the destructive fracked gas business through the harbor and construction of LNG terminals. Let’s make sure this does not go unnoticed and make it clear that we are not interested in this kind of profit.
Let’s come together and think our struggles together, because these – just like the different crises – ultimately have the same underlying cause. Let’s realize our potential and successfully pave our way to a more just world not in spite of, but precisely because of our different perspectives and strategies.
We know where we want to go: We want social, economic and environmental justice for all. And that requires a system change. Our struggle for a just world is anti-capitalist, anti-racist, antiableist, queerfeminist, anti-fascist and anti-militarist. We oppose anti-Semitism and all forms of exploitation and oppression. 
We bring together different perspectives and struggles to learn from and with each other.
That’s why we explicitly want to invite all people whose voices have been far too subdued or not heard at all in the political discourse so far to get involved in shaping the content of the camp and to participate loudly in the joint actions. This is the only way to create a climate of justice and solidarity.

System Change. Now!