Abya Yala Anticolonial - Logo
Abya Yala Anticolonial
Aktionsbündnis Kesselbambule - Logo
Aktionsbündnis Kesselbambule
Animal Rebellion - Logo
Animal Rebellion
Anfifa Hoheluft - Logo
Antifa Hoheluft
ASEED Europe
Bombelki Collective - LogoBombelki Collective
Bombelki Collective is a small group of well organised people based in Warsaw, Poland, that uses creative and controversial NVDA tactics, strong, incriminating language and narrative, aiming to halt the operation and investments of corporations such as Gaz System and Orlen, as well as the Polish government, and delegitimise gas w as an energy source. They believe those actions will create a sense of strong, unbreakable social resistance resultng in great PR and economic losses, while the direct pressure caused by confrontation and blockades will make the decision-makers feel threatened and willing to deescalate and appease the activists.
BUNDjugend - Logo
Climáximo - Logo
 Colombia Solidaria Hamburgo - Logo
Colombia Solidaria Hamburgo
Debt for Climate! - Logo
Debt for Climate!
Ende Gelände Logo
Ende Gelände
Extinction Rebellion - Logo
Extinction Rebellion
FAU Hamburg - Logo
FAU Hamburg
Fridays for Future Hamburg - Logo
Fridays for Future Hamburg
GasExit - Logo
Gegenstrom Hamburg - Logo
Gegenstrom Hamburg
Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie - Logo
Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie
Grüne Jugend Hamburg - Logo
Grüne Jugend Hamburg
Internationale Sozialistische Organisation - Logo
Internationale Sozialistische Organisation
Internvetionistische Linke - Logo
Interventionistische Linke
Janun - Logo
Junge-AbL - Logo
junges Attac - Logo
Junges Attac

Kipppunkt Kollektiv
Klimacamp Lüneburg - Logo
Klimacamp Lüneburg
Kipppunkt Kollektiv - Logo
KlimaKollektiv e.V. i.G.
Klimakollektiv Oldenburg - Logo
Klimakollektiv Oldenburg
Klimatreffen Hamburg - Logo
Klimatreffen Hamburg
KLIRR! - Logo
Lützerath Lebt - Logo
Lützerath Lebt
Rettet Hamburgs Natur - Logo
Rettet Hamburgs Natur
Rheinmetall Entwaffnen - Logo
Rheinmetall Entwaffnen
RWE und Co enteignen - Logo
RWE & Co enteignen
Sand im Getriebe - Logo
Sand im Getriebe
Seebrücke Berlin - Logo
Seebrücke Berlin
Transform LEJ - Logo
Transform LEJ
ums Ganze! - Logo
...ums Ganze!
Ung Vänster Göteborg & Bohuslän - Logo
Ung Vänster Göteborg & Bohuslän
Wald statt Asphalt - Logo
Wald statt Asphalt
We are Plan C - Logo
We Are Plan C
Women Defend Rojava - Logo
Women defend Rojava