Program Tuesday 1

Program Tuesday 2

Place Topic
8:30 am
Eating area Breakfast
1:00 pm
Eating area Lunch
2:00 pm
Outdoor area Action training
2:30 pm
Circus tent
Deutsche Bahn in Mexico: Ecocide and Displacement – The Gira Zapatista Networking Hamburg(DE, ESP whisper)

Lecture on the involvement of European companies (especially Deutsche Bahn) in the mega-project “Tren Maya” in southern Mexico and the resistance on the ground. Based on the research “Tren Maya Made in Germany”, the impact on nature, border regime and population in the affected areas will be discussed. Followed by an open discussion about options for practical solidarity.

Yamal Peninsula
Cycle/Gender Equality Workshop (DE)

In order to create gender justice, it is necessary to understand how the realities of life differ between the sexes. Among other things, the monthly cycle has a great influence on this, which, together with menstruation, is still a taboo subject. In this workshop we want to break the taboo and talk about how the hormonal cycle works, how it affects mood and experience and how natural and hormonal contraception works.

Vaca Muerta
Autonomous Feminist Organising – Women Defend Rojava (DE)

In the workshop “feminist autonomous organising” we want to deal with the questions why we want and should organise autonomously as Flinta* in all-gender groups and why we see this as a form of self-defence in patriarchy. We also want to reflect together on what is currently preventing us from doing this. How do we stand in our own way? What patriarchal dynamics between us, with our friends, distance us from each other? But we also want to talk about how we can overcome these obstacles. What ways and tools can we find to strengthen ourselves, to come together? What have we learned and experienced in our biography that also connects us with each other? How do we need to organise ourselves to bring down patriarchy? To discuss these questions, we also want to look at the women’s revolution in Rojava and use their autonomous organising and self-defence as inspiration that can also strengthen the feminist movement in Germany.

Okavango Delta
Breaking up/hacking capitalism corporately – Premium-Kollektiv (DE)

For more than 20 years, the Premium collective (beverage producers of cola, beer, mate, elderberry lemonade) has been showing that a different way of doing business is possible and exemplifies a just, ecological and socially sustainable economic model of high quality. At Premium, all participants are invited to have their say. Regardless of whether they are consumers, traders or bottlers, everyone is allowed and able to express their views on Premium and participate in decision-making within a consensual democratic framework. Premium works largely without hierarchies, without advertising, without contracts, with standard wages, anti-quantity discounts and much more.

Permian Basin
Campaign workshop – RWE & Co Vergesellschaften (DE, EN whisper)

Socialisation and climate justice. Big power companies like RWE & Co make profit with our electricity and do not take planetary boundaries and our basic needs into consideration. We will not accept this any longer! We will expropriate RWE & Co and socialise energy production. We are a campaign that aims to socialise energy production and big energy companies like RWE. Come by, get to know us, our campaign, its demands, contents and strategy and discuss with us!

MAPA Space Self-organization
BIPoC Space Self-organization
…ums Ganze tent Climate Crisis and Fascism Undogmatic – Radikale Antifa Dresden (DE)
3:30 pm
Abya Yala Anticolonial
“AUKANKUN” Mapuche Fighting Game

Training and entertainment workshop in which the principles of the Weichafe cosmovision are taught. Please bring comfortable clothes and water for hydration.

4:30 pm
Circus tent
Ende Dividende – Deutsche Wohnen und Co enteignen (DE, EN whisper)

Socialisation makes system change more practically tangible to address the climate crisis because it can actually address the very foundations of capitalism. The housing sector in particular is an immense climate killer, not only because of what materials it uses and how, but generally how it organises itself; there it is also a social killer. We at DWE are in the middle of the struggle and can already celebrate some gains. We want to talk to you about socialisation in general and about our campaign and the connection between climate and housing in particular. In our opinion, the socio-ecological transformation cannot be achieved without common property, regardless of the area of provision for existence.

Yamal Peninsula
Systemchange! Let´s get serious. New ways of political change – KlimaKollektiv (DE)

In view of the climate crisis and the necessary system change, we want to discuss the effectiveness of the current climate movement in terms of political change and new strategic approaches to change, which also represent the concept of the climate collective.

Vaca Muerta
Collapse Readiness Workshop – Camp Collapse (EN, DE whisper)

Inspired by Deep Adaptation, the engaging nature of games and the performing arts, we merge them into creative experiences that take you on a playful journey of discovering what the future could look like. Through immersive experiences, we present future collapse as a possible reality and inspire action to reduce its effects.” Many of the disasters associated with the climate crisis are now unavoidable even in privileged Europe. How can we get ready now for the collapse of our lifestyle? Through a series of exercises and reflections on what we are dependent on, we’ll be more capable of dealing with ecological anxiety, move into action – and help others do the same.

Okavango Delta Legal Workshop (DE)
Permian Basin Program gap
5:00 pm
Abya Yala Anti-kolonial Coal quiz
Alternative program
Alternative harbour round trip/ logistics and unequal world trade – ums Ganze! & harbour group

The entrance is at the level of the Baumwall underground station at the end of the promenade west of the Niederbaumbrücke.
Cost: We offer tickets at a price of 5 / 10 / 15 euros. Please pay in cash.
Description: Where does our coffee come from, where is the world’s largest warehouse for hand-knotted carpets and why does desperately poor Liberia have one of the largest trading fleets? A journey behind the scenes of brick walls and container gantry cranes. It’s about coffee and cocoa, soybeans and bananas, jeans and armaments.
Because before we can marvel at the enormous collection of goods on the shelves, all the individual parts have travelled enormous distances. Like in a fever dream, capitalism keeps everything in motion – everywhere, all the time. This movement is organised by logistics. It has turned the world into a global fossil factory. It has intensified environmental and climate destruction and perpetuates colonial history. This violent relationship is hidden in the containers of the Port of Hamburg.
The tour with the Port of Hamburg Group illustrates the background of world trade with Africa, Asia and Latin America. It explains why coffee and cocoa have become so cheap, why scrap metal is an export hit and who earns from the extremely unequal trade between North and South.

6:30 pm
Eating area Dinner
7:30 pm
Circus tent Welcome plenary (EN; ES; DE translation)
8:30 pm
Yamal Peninsula
Reading from the life of the internationalist Ellen/Stêrk – Women Defend Rojava (DE)

The book, published in May by edition assemblage, tells the life of Ellen Stêrk, a feminist internationalist. Through the interplay of personal letters, emotional memories and factual information, the book enables an encounter with Ellen Stêrk after her death. Her story invites us to win utopias, to live internationalism anew, to organise and to fight on. Collectively compiled from many perspectives, this biography also provides insights into the last decades of radical left references and feminist organising approaches.

Vaca Muerta
“Glitter in coal dust” – Zucker im Tank (DE)

Reading and discussion “Glitter in the Coal Dust – On the Struggle for Climate Justice and Autonomy”. This summer, the book by “Sugar in the Tank” was published. It describes the recent history of the climate justice movement in Germany. More than 70 activists from different spectrums of the movement have contributed texts. They take a self-critical look at the movement and talk about how they occupy forests, block cruise ships or sabotage machines.

9:00 pm
Abya Yala Anticolonial Cinema evening