The System Change Camp & Action Days took place in Hamburg from 9-15 August 2022.

The system is the crisis and the crisis has a system.
But instead of lurching on from crisis to crisis in capitalism, we know where we want to go: We want the good life for all. And we know that this requires a system change.

With more than 40 groups we came together in Hamburg on the Elly Wiesen. And together we will continue to fight for the good life for all.
System Change! Now!

Demonstration: Hamburg a safe haven++ Demonstration on sunday: Hamburg a safe haven! §24 for ALL refugees! ++
August, 12 2022 - Demonstration this Sunday: Right to stay for ALL people from Ukraine!
⏰ When? Sun, Aug 14, 12:00 p.m.
📌 Where? University of Hamburg, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1 (Meeting point on the camp: 11:00 am at the camp info point) Continue reading ...
Bicycle Demonstration++ action on sunday: XRad-Los bicycle demo ++
August, 10 2022 - We invite you to the second XRad-Los bicycle demonstration under the motto "Velocity - with more speed to the traffic turnaround". Together with other organizations we would like to set a sign for the traffic turnaround in the context of the "System-Change-Camp & Action days". Continue reading ...
Getting There++ Arrival information ++
August, 6 2022 - Whether by bike, train or bus, our camp will take place on an area in Hamburg-Altona! Exact address: Continue reading ...
Yes we Camp++ Construction of the System Change Camp in Hamburg starts today ++ Higher Administrative Court stops ban policy of Hamburg police ++
August, 5 2022 - The Hamburg Assembly Authority, which is affiliated with the police, failed again last night before the Higher Administrative Court in its attempt to prevent our protest camp from being held. It had filed an appeal against an emergency decision of the administrative court.
Abya Yala Anticolonial - Wochenplan++ Abya Yala Anticolonial at the SystemChangeCamp ++ Schedule for the week ++
August, 4 2022 - Besides all the stress with the authorities here is a very happy post 🎉 AbyaYalaAnticolonial will host a great program the whole week! You can already take a look at the schedule for the week here ❤️ Continue reading ...
++System Change Camp in Hamburg will take place ++ Ban by Hamburg assembly authority unlawful ++
August, 3 2022 - The Hamburg Administrative Court has granted the emergency appeal of the alliance organizing the large System Change Camp from August 9 to 15 in Hamburg on the merits and clarified that infrastructure such as kitchen and sleeping tents fall under the protection of the right of assembly.
++ Rally August 3 in Hamburg: It's all covered by freedom of assembly! ++
August, 2 2022 - We want to demonstrate together against the negative decision of the assembly authority. Under the slogan "This is all covered by the freedom of assembly!" we protest in front of the Hamburg City Hall. Together we want to stand up for our System Change Camp ✊
⏰ When? August 3, 10 a.m.
📌 Where? Hamburg City Hall Market
Come All and bring tents, banners, pots
Drohnenbild von Schlafzelten auf einem Klimacamp++ Assembly authority in Hamburg tries to prevent large protest camp ++ Camp alliance initiates summary proceedings ++
August, 1 2022 - The assembly authority at the Hamburg police does not want to allow the System Change Camp, which is to be set up from August 9 to 15 in the Hamburg city park. The camp organizers have today initiated summary proceedings to take legal action against this restriction of freedom of assembly.
++ Stop LNG, sabotage fossil capitalism! ++
July, 29 2022 - Together on the streets of Hamburg for climate justice and against the colonial destruction of livelihoods!
Alliance demonstration in Hamburg on 10.08.2022 at 17:00 at the Landungsbrücken. Continue reading ...
++ Awareness at the camp ++
July, 28 2022 - The System Change Camp should be a place where everyone can feel comfortable. The basis for this is a mindful, discrimination-sensitive and solidary interaction with each other. Here Here you will soon find the awareness concept. If you have any questions or suggestions or if you want to participate in the awareness group yourself. Write to:
LNG – keine Lösung aus der Krise - Logo++ LNG - not a solution to the crisis ++
July, 27 2022 - On August 6, environmental NGOs invite you to the event "LNG - no solution to the crisis". From 11:00-15:00 you can expect exciting short presentations and information booths on the topic of LNG at the Karo Beach Club - from heat transition to agribusiness to plastics. From 18:00 there will be a panel discussion at the Centro Sociale with international activists and the parliamentary group leader of the Green Party Hamburg.
System Change Camp angemeldet++ System Change Camp in Hamburg Approved ++ Thousands Expected for Protest Camp against Gas and Neocolonialism ++
July 21, 2022 - For the period from August 9 to 15, a broad alliance of left-wing and climate groups has registered a protest camp in the Stadtpark Hamburg. Under the title ‘System Change Camp’, workshops, lectures and other educational activities will take place there for a week, in which climate politics, postcolonialism and anti-capitalism will be discussed. Continue reading ...