Our patriarchal society is characterised by rape culture. That is why there are also cases of sexualised violence in the left scene and unfortunately also at camps and in actions.

The Ende Gelände contact group for cases of sexualised violence will be available for everyone at the camp. The aim is to create a structure to support those affected and to prevent future violence.
At the camp, the group can be reached at +49 17627150836, before and after the camp by email.

The contact group accompanies cases of sexualised violence and is guided by the principles of transformative justice.

You can find information on their working methods in the “Guidelines for dealing with sexualised violence in Ende Gelände”. The guide represents an interim state of discussion and was written last year (2021).

If you have been affected by sexualised violence or have questions, please send an email to:
ansprechgruppe@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)
ansprechgruppe_flinta@ende-gelaende.org (PGP) (this address is exclusively maintained by FLINTA*persons).

The contact group is a mixed group (FLINTA* and cis men).