Abya Yala Anticolonial at the System Change Camp – Schedule for the week

Besides all the stress with the authorities here is a very happy post 🎉 Abya Yala Anticolonial will host a great program the whole week! You can already take a look at the schedule for the week here ❤️

Abya Yala Anticolonial - Wochenplan
(Engl. translation: picture of the schedule for the week. All dates from the schedule can also be found in the text below)

Abya Yala Anticolonial weekly schedule

    • August 9
      • 4pm Antifascist workshop
      • 7pm Movie night
    • 10 August
      • 4pm Self defense workshop
      • 7pm Movie night
    • August 11
      • 4pm Critique of hyperextractivism and environmental struggle
      • 7 pm Movie night
    • August 12
      • 4pm Music workshop
      • 7pm Alicanto Legûero music band
    • 13 August
      • 4pm Panel discussion “What’s going on in Latin America today?”
      • 7pm Movie night
    • August 14
      • 7pm Buen Vivir Workshop
    • August 15
      • 4pm Photo exhibition
      • 7pm Quiz